Custom Quick Control

Unlike the fixed layout and predetermined shooting features on the Quick Control screen (), this screen can be customized with your preferred shooting features and layout. This function is called “Custom Quick Control.”

  1. Select [Set-up: Custom Quick Control].

  2. Select [Start editing layout].

  3. Review the instructions and select [OK].

    • By default, the layout includes the items shown here.
  4. Add an item.

    • Press the Q (Quick Control) button.
    • Turn the Quick Control Dial dial or use Multi-controller to select an item to add, then press SET.
    • To remove an item, either select the item and press the Erase button or select [Clear all items] in step 2.
  5. Arrange the item.

    • Turn the Main Dial or Quick Control Dial dial or use Multi-controller to move the added item (in the frame with arrows) into position.
    • To change the display size, press the INFO button and resize the item as needed.
    • Press SET to confirm the position. Any existing items in that position will be overwritten (deleted).
    • To rearrange an item, select the item, then press SET and move the item as needed.


    • To start by removing all items from the default layout, select [Clear all items] in step 2, then go to step 4.

    Sample layout

    • Arrange items in your preferred layout by repeating steps 4 and 5.
    • To remove an item from the layout, select it and press the Erase button.
  6. Exit the setting.

    • When finished, press the MENU button to return to the screen in step 2.
  7. Review your setting screen.

    Sample screen

    • Confirm that [Custom Quick Control screen] in [Set-up: INFO button display options] has a checkmark [Check] ().
    • Press the INFO button to display the Custom Quick Control screen (), then check the layout.

Resetting the Custom Quick Control Screen or Clearing All Items

To restore the default Custom Quick Control screen layout, select [Revert layout to default] in step 2 ().

To remove all items from the layout (so that the screen is blank except for the bottom row), select [Clear all items].

Available items and display sizes for the screen layout

(Vertical × horizontal cells)
Item and Size 1×1 1×2 1×3 1×5 2×2 2×3 3×1 4×1
Shooting mode
Shutter speed
ISO speed
Exposure comp./AEB setting
Flash exposure compensation
Picture Style
White balance
WB Shift/Bkt.
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Custom Controls
AF operation
AF point selection
Metering mode
Drive mode
Rec function/card selection
External Speedlite control
Highlight tone priority
Viewfinder grid
Sensor cleaning
Exposure level
GPS settings


  • The amount of information that can be shown and the features available for Quick Control vary by item, due to differences in display size.
  • The same item cannot be arranged in multiple positions on the screen.