Using the Self-Timer

  1. Press the Drive mode/AF operation button (Timer 06sec).

  2. Select the self-timer.

    • While looking at the top LCD panel or viewfinder, turn the Quick Control Dial dial.

      10 sec. self-timer: Shoot in 10 sec.

      2 sec. self-timer: Shoot in 2 sec.

  3. Take the picture.

    • Look through the viewfinder, focus, then press the shutter button completely.
    • You can check self-timer operation by watching the blinking of the self-timer lamp and the countdown display (in seconds) on the top LCD panel.
    • The self-timer lamp blinks faster approx. 2 sec. before the shot.


  • If you will not look through the viewfinder when pressing the shutter button, close the eyepiece shutter before shooting (). Light that enters the viewfinder may prevent suitable exposure.


  • 2 sec. self-timer can be used to start shooting without touching the camera and avoid camera shake when it is mounted on a tripod for still-life or long exposure shots.
  • After taking self-timer shots, playing back the image () to check focus and exposure is recommended.
  • When using the self-timer to shoot yourself, use focus lock () on an object at the same distance as where you will stand.
  • The camera does not beep during self-timer shots, even if [Set-up: Beep] is set to [Enable].
  • To cancel self-timer shooting in progress, set the power switch to Power off.