Image Playback

Single-Image Display

  1. Switch to playback.

    • Press the Playback button.
    • The last image captured or played back is displayed.
  2. Browse images.

    • To play back images starting with your most recent shot, turn the Quick Control Dial dial counterclockwise. To play back images starting with the first captured image, turn the dial clockwise.
    • Each time you press the INFO button, the display will change.

    No information

    Basic information display

    Shooting information display


    • When played back, images captured with [Custom Functions7: Add cropping information] set to an option other than [Off (aspect ratio 3:2)] () are displayed with lines indicating the image area.
  3. Exit image playback.

    • Press the Playback button to exit image playback and return to shooting standby.

Shooting Information Display

With the shooting information screen displayed (), you can press Multi-controller up or down to view other information. You can also customize the information displayed, in [Playback: Playback information display] ().

Touch Playback

The camera features a touch-screen panel that you can touch to control playback. Supported touch operations are like those used with smartphones and similar devices. First, press the Playback button to prepare for touch playback.

Browse images

Jump display

Index display

Magnified view


  • You can also magnify display by double-tapping with one finger.