Available Communication Functions

  • Smartphone ()

    Using the dedicated Camera Connect app on smartphones or tablets (hereafter, collectively referred to as “smartphones”), you can browse images on the camera, shoot remotely, and perform other operations. After pairing the camera with a smartphone supporting Bluetooth low energy technology (hereafter, “Bluetooth”), you only need to use the smartphone to connect via Wi-Fi.

  • EOS Utility

    Using EOS Utility (EOS software installed on a computer), you can import images from the camera, shoot remotely, and perform other operations.

  • FTP transfer ()

    Your shots can be transferred to an FTP server.

    Besides automatically transferring images as you shoot, you can manually select and transfer images later.

  • Browser Remote ()

    From a computer or smartphone browser, connecting to the camera is like accessing a webpage, and you can shoot remotely, browse camera images, or configure FTP transfer settings.

  • Syncing time between cameras ()

    The time on multiple EOS-1D X Mark III cameras can be synchronized over a wired LAN connection.

  • Wireless File Transmitter ()

    By attaching an optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E9, you can use wireless LAN features. For details, refer to the WFT-E9 Instruction Manual.

    Note that Camera Connect cannot be used to access the camera from smartphones over a wireless LAN connection established by WFT-E9.

  • GPS ()

    Built-in GPS features can be used to geotag images, log routes traveled with the camera, and more.

    Available communication functions and connection methods (besides GPS)

    Available Features Connection Method

    Wired LAN



    Wireless LAN

    (Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E9)

    Camera Connect communication from smartphones
    Using EOS Utility
    Image transfer to FTP servers
    Using Browser Remote
    Syncing time between cameras