Quick Start Guide

  1. Insert the battery ().

    • Upon purchase, charge the battery to start using ().
  2. Insert the card ().

    • Insert the card with the label facing the front of the camera until it clicks into place.
  3. Attach the lens ().

    • Align the lens mount indexes (white) on the lens and camera to attach the lens.
  4. Prepare to shoot ().

    • Press (1) as you turn (2) slightly, then release (1).
    • Turn (2) a little more until it clicks.
  5. Set the power switch to ON, then set the Mode dial to Scene Intelligent Auto (, ).

    • All the necessary camera settings will be set automatically.
  6. Flip out the screen ().

    • If the [Date/Time/Zone] setting screen is displayed, see Date/Time/Zone.
  7. Focus on the subject ().

    • Center the subject on the screen.
    • Press the shutter button halfway, and the camera will focus on the subject.
    • If Flash blinks on the screen, manually raise the built-in flash.
  8. Take the picture ().

    • Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.
  9. Review the picture.

    • The image just captured will be displayed for approx. 2 sec. on the screen ().
    • To display the image again, press the Playback button ().