You can crop a captured JPEG image and save it as another image. Cropping an image is possible only with JPEG images. Images shot in RAW cannot be cropped.

  1. Select [Playback: Cropping].

  2. Select an image.

    • Use the Left keyRight key keys to select an image to crop.
  3. Set the cropping frame.

    • Press Quick Control/Set button to display the cropping frame.
    • The image area within the cropping frame will be cropped.
    • Resizing the cropping frame size

      Use the Magnify/Reduce or Index button to resize the cropping frame. The smaller the cropping frame, the more magnified the cropped image will look.

    • Changing the cropping frame aspect ratio and orientation

      Use the Dial dial to select Cropping frame aspect ratio. Press Quick Control/Set button to change the cropping frame’s aspect ratio.

    • Moving the cropping frame

      Use the Up keyDown keyLeft keyRight key keys to move the frame vertically or horizontally. Move the cropping frame until it covers the desired image area.

    • Correcting tilt

      You can correct image tilt by ±10°. Use the Dial dial to select Tilt correction, then press Quick Control/Set button. While checking tilt relative to the grid, turn the Dial dial (in 0.1° increments) or tap the left or right arrow (in 0.5° increments) in the upper left of the screen to correct tilt. After completing the tilt correction, press Quick Control/Set button.

  4. Check the image area to be cropped.

    • Use the Dial dial to select Cropping area.

      The image area to crop is displayed.

  5. Save.

    • Use the Dial dial to select Crop and save.
    • Select [OK] to save the cropped image.
    • Check the destination folder and image file number, then select [OK].
    • To crop another image, repeat steps 2 to 5.


  • The position and size of the cropping frame may change depending on the angle set for tilt correction.
  • Once a cropped image is saved, it cannot be cropped again or resized.
  • AF point display information () and Dust Delete Data () will not be appended to the cropped images.