Miniature Effect Movies

By blurring image areas outside a selected area, you can record movies with a miniature model effect applied. You can also choose a playback speed before recording to create movies that resemble miniature scenes with people and objects moving in fast motion. Note that sound is not recorded.

  1. Select [Miniature effect movie (off)].

    • Press Quick Control/Set button, and on the Quick Control screen, select [Miniature effect movie (off)].
    • Select [Miniature effect movie (5x)], [Miniature effect movie (10x)], or [Miniature effect movie (20x)] as the playback speed.
  2. Move the scene frame.

    • Use the scene frame to set an area that will look sharp.
    • To make the scene frame movable (displayed in orange), press the AF point selection button or tap [Adjust] in the lower right of the screen.
    • To switch between vertical and horizontal scene frame orientation, tap [Orientation switching] in the lower left of the screen.
    • To move a horizontal scene frame, press the Up keyDown key keys, and to move a vertical scene frame, press the Left keyRight key keys.
    • To return the scene frame to the center of the screen, tap [Return icon] in the lower left.
    • To confirm the position of the scene frame, press Quick Control/Set button. Next, set the AF point.
  3. Move the AF point.

    • The AF point turns orange and can be moved.
    • Press the Up keyDown keyLeft keyRight key keys to move the AF point to the position to focus on.
    • Aligning the AF point and scene frame is recommended.
    • To return the AF point to the center of the screen, tap [Return icon] in the lower left.
    • Press Quick Control/Set button to confirm the position of the AF point.
  4. Record the movie.

    • Press the movie shooting button.

Speed and playback time (for a 1-minute movie)

Speed Playback Time
5x (miniature effect movie) Approx. 12 sec.
10x (miniature effect movie) Approx. 6 sec.
20x (miniature effect movie) Approx. 3 sec.


  • To make people and objects in the scene move quickly during playback, select [Miniature effect movie (5x)], [Miniature effect movie (10x)], or [Miniature effect movie (20x)] before recording the movie. Movies will resemble scenes in a miniature model.
  • Sound is not recorded.


  • You can switch the scene frame orientation in step 2 with the Left keyRight key keys when in horizontal orientation or the Up keyDown key keys when in vertical orientation.