Browsing Images with the Dial

In single-image display, you can turn the Dial dial to jump through the images forward or backward according to the jump method set.

  1. Select [Playback: Image jump w/Main Dial].

  2. Select the jump method.


    • With [Jump images by the specified number], you can turn the Dial dial to select the number of images to jump by.
    • With [Display by image rating], turn the Dial dial to select the rating (). If you browse images with [Rating] selected, all the rated images will be displayed.
  3. Browse by jumping.

    (1) Jump method

    (2) Playback position

    • Press the Playback button.
    • In single-image display, turn the Dial dial.

      You can browse by the jump method set.


  • To search images by shooting date, select [: Display by date].
  • To search images by folder, select [: Display by folder].
  • If the card contains both movies and still photos, select [: Display movies only] or [: Display stills only] to display only one or the other.