Video Snapshots

Record a series of short video snapshots, each a few seconds long, and the camera will combine them to create a video snapshot album that shows these highlights of your trip or event.

Video snapshots are available when the movie recording size is set to Full HD29.97fpsIPB (Standard) (NTSC) / Full HD25.00fpsIPB (Standard) (PAL).

Video snapshot albums can also be played back with background music ().

Creating a Video Snapshot Album

Video snapshots 1, 2, and so on

Video snapshot album

Configuring Video Snapshot Settings

  1. Configure [Shooting: Video snapshot].

    • Select [Enable].
  2. Configure [Album settings].

    • Select [Create a new album].
    • Read the message and select [OK].
  3. Configure [Playback time].

    • Specify playback time per video snapshot.
  4. Configure [Playback effect].

    • This setting determines how fast albums are played back.
  5. Configure [Show confirm msg].

    • Select [Enable].
  6. Check the required recording time.

    • The time required to record each video snapshot is indicated (1), based on the playback time and effect.
  7. Close the menu.

    • Press the MENU button to close the menu.
    • A blue bar is displayed to indicate the recording time (2).

Creating Video Snapshot Albums

  1. Record the first video snapshot.

    • Press the movie shooting button to start recording.
    • The blue bar indicating recording time gradually decreases, and after the specified time elapses, recording stops automatically.
    • A confirmation message is displayed ().
  2. Save as a video snapshot album.

    • Select [ Save as album].
    • The clip is saved as the first video snapshot in the album.
  3. Record your next video snapshots.

    • Repeat step 1 to record the next video snapshot.
    • Select [ Add to album].
    • To create another album, select [Save and exit Save as a new album].
    • Repeat step 3 as needed.
  4. Stop recording video snapshots.

    • Set [Video snapshot] to [Disable]. To return to normal movie recording, be sure to specify [Disable].
    • Press the MENU button to close the menu and return to normal movie recording.

Options in steps 2 and 3

Option Description
Save as album (step 2) Saves the clip as the first video snapshot in an album.
Add to album (step 3) Adds the current video snapshot to the album recorded most recently.
Save as a new album (step 3) Creates a new album and saves the clip as the first video snapshot. This album file is different from the one recorded most recently.
Playback video snapshot (steps 2, 3) Plays the video snapshot just recorded.

Do not save to album (step 2)

Delete without saving to album (step 3)

Deletes the recently recorded video snapshot without saving it to an album. Select [OK] on the confirmation screen.


  • If you prefer to record the next video snapshot immediately, set [Show confirm msg] in [Shooting: Video snapshot] to [Disable]. This setting enables you to record the next video snapshot immediately, without a confirmation message.

Adding to an Existing Album

  1. Select [Add to existing album].

  2. Select an existing album.

    • Use the Left keyRight key keys to select an existing album, then press Quick Control/Set button.
    • Select [OK].

      Some video snapshot settings will be updated to match settings of the existing album.

  3. Close the menu.

    • Press the MENU button to close the menu.

      The video snapshot recording screen is displayed.

  4. Record a video snapshot.


  • You cannot select an album shot with another camera.


  • General video snapshot precautions

  • No sound is recorded when [Playback effect] is set to [1/2x speed] or [2x speed].
  • Recording time per video snapshot is only approximate. It may differ slightly from the actual recording time indicated during playback, due to the frame rate and other factors.