Software Overview

This section summarizes software used with EOS cameras. Note that downloading and installing the software requires an internet connection. The software cannot be downloaded or installed in environments without an internet connection.

  • EOS Utility

    Enables you to transfer your captured still photos and movies from the camera to a connected computer, set various camera settings from the computer, and shoot remotely from the computer. Also, you can copy background music tracks, such as EOS Sample Music*, to the card.

    You can use the background music as the soundtrack for a video snapshot album, movie, or slideshow played back with your camera.

  • Digital Photo Professional

    Software recommended for users who shoot RAW images. Enables image viewing, editing, printing, and more.

  • Picture Style Editor

    Enables you to edit existing Picture Styles or create and save original Picture Style files. This software is for users who are familiar with image processing.

Downloading and Installing EOS Software or Other Dedicated Software

Always install the latest version of the software.

Update any previous versions that are installed by overwriting them with the latest version.


  • Do not connect the camera to a computer before you install the software. The software will not be installed correctly.
  • The software cannot be installed unless the computer is connected to the internet.
  • Previous versions cannot display images from this camera correctly. Also, processing RAW images from this camera is not possible.
  1. Download the software.

    • Connect to the internet from a computer and access the following Canon website.

    • Enter the serial number on the bottom of the camera, then download the software.
    • Decompress it on the computer.

      • For Windows

        Click the displayed installer file to start the installer.

      • For macOS

        A dmg file will be created and displayed. Follow the steps below to startup the installer.

        1. Double-click the dmg file.

          • A drive icon and installer file will appear on the desktop.

            If the installer file does not appear, double-click the drive icon to display it.

        2. Double-click the installer file.

          • The installer starts.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Downloading the Software Instruction Manual

Software Instruction Manuals (PDF files) can be downloaded from the Canon website to your computer.