Digest Movie Editing

Individual chapters (clips) recorded in Hybrid Auto mode can be erased. Be careful when erasing clips, because they cannot be recovered.

  1. Switch to playback.

    • Press the Playback button.
  2. Select a digest movie.

    • Use the Left keyRight key keys to select a digest movie.
    • In single-image display, digest movies are labeled with [] in the upper left.
    • In index display, press Quick Control/Set button to switch to single-image display.
  3. In single-image display, press Quick Control/Set button.

  4. Select [].

    • Digest movie playback begins.
  5. Press Quick Control/Set button to pause the digest movie.

    • The movie playback panel will appear.
  6. Select a clip.

    • Use [Skip backward] or [Skip forward] to select a clip.
  7. Select [Erase clip].

  8. Select [OK].

    • The clip is erased, and the digest movie is overwritten.