Index Display (Multiple-Image Display)

  1. Switch to the index display.

    • During image playback, press the Index button.
    • The 4-image index display will appear. The selected image is highlighted with an orange frame. Pressing the Index button again switches display from 9 images to 36, and then to 100. Pressing the Magnify/Reduce button switches display from 100 images to 36, 9, 4, and then single-image display.
  2. Browse images.

    • Press the Up keyDown keyLeft keyRight key keys to move the orange frame for image selection.
    • Press Quick Control/Set button in the index display to display the selected image in the single-image display.

Touch Playback

The camera features a touch-screen panel that you can touch to control playback. Supported touch operations are like those used with smartphones and similar devices. First, press the Playback button to prepare for touch playback.

Browse images

Jump display

Index display

Magnified view


  • You can also magnify display by double-tapping with one finger.