Wi-Fi Settings

  1. Select [Wireless settings: Wi-Fi settings].

  2. Select an item.

  • Wi-Fi

    When the use of electronic devices and wireless devices is prohibited, such as on board airplanes or in hospitals, set it to [Disable].

  • Password

    Set to [None] to allow a Wi-Fi connection to be established without a password (except when connecting to an access point via Wi-Fi).

  • Connection history

    You can set the connection history of devices connected via Wi-Fi to [Show] or [Hide].

  • Auto send images to computer

    With the dedicated software Image Transfer Utility 2, you can send images on the camera to a computer automatically ().

  • Send to smartphone after shot

    Your shots can be sent to a smartphone automatically ().

  • MAC address

    You can check the MAC address of the camera.