Remote Control Shooting

You can shoot remotely by using an optional Wireless Remote Control BR-E1, which pairs via Bluetooth.

Wireless Remote Control BR-E1

You can shoot remotely up to approx. 5 meters/16.4 feet away from the camera. After pairing the camera and BR-E1 (), set the drive mode to [10-sec. self-timer/remote control] ().

For operation procedures, refer to the BR-E1 instruction manual.


  • Auto power off time may be extended when the camera is set for remote control shooting.
  • The remote control can also be used for movie recording ().

Remote Switch RS-60E3

Once connected to the camera, the switch enables you to shoot remotely over a wired connection.

For operation procedures, refer to the RS-60E3 instruction manual.

  1. Open the terminal cover.

  2. Connect the plug to the remote control terminal.