Viewing the Screen as You Shoot (Live View Shooting)

  1. Display the Live View image.

    • Press the Live View shooting button.
    • Live View images are displayed nearly as bright as your shots.
  2. Focus on the subject.

    • Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
    • If Flash blinks, manually raise the built-in flash.
    • You can also tap the screen to select the face or subject ().
  3. Take the picture.

    • Press the shutter button completely.
    • Press the Live View shooting button to exit Live View shooting.

Shooting with the Touch Shutter

Just by tapping the screen, you can focus and take the picture automatically.

  1. Enable the Touch Shutter.

    • Tap [Touch Shutter off] on the screen's bottom right. Each time you tap the icon, it will toggle between [Touch Shutter off] and [Touch Shutter].
    • [] (Touch Shutter: Enable)

      The camera will focus on the spot you tap on, then the picture will be taken.

    • [] (Touch Shutter: Disable)

      You can tap on a spot to perform focusing on the spot. Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.

  2. Tap the screen to shoot.

    • Tap the face or subject on the screen. On the point you tap, the camera will focus (Touch AF) with the AF method that was set ().
    • When [Touch Shutter] is set, the AF point turns green when focus is achieved, then the picture is taken automatically.
    • If focus is not achieved, the AF point turns orange and the picture cannot be taken. Tap on the face or subject on the screen again.


  • The camera shoots in single shooting mode regardless of the drive mode setting.
  • Tapping the screen focuses with [One-Shot AF] regardless of the AF operation setting.
  • Tapping the screen in magnified view will not focus or take the picture.
  • Regardless of where you tap with [Fish-eye effect] set in Creative filters mode, the camera focuses using the AF point in the center of the screen.
  • Touch Shutter has no effect with [Miniature effect] set in Creative filters mode.
  • If you shoot with [Shooting: Review duration] set to [Hold], you can press the shutter button halfway to take the next shot.


  • In bulb exposures (), tap once to start exposure and again to stop the bulb exposure. Be careful not to shake the camera when tapping the screen.
  • The self-timer lamp () does not blink when the screen is facing toward the front of the camera in [Self Portrait] mode.