Kids Mode

To photograph the children running around, use the [] (Kids) mode. Skin tones will look healthy.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Track the subject with the Area AF frame.

    In viewfinder shooting, aim the Area AF frame (1) over the subject and press the shutter button halfway to start focusing. During autofocusing, the beeper will continue beeping softly. If focus cannot be achieved, the focus indicator will blink.

    In Live View shooting, an Area AF frame (2) appears after you press the shutter button halfway. Once the subject is in focus, the AF point turns blue.

  • Shoot continuously.

    The default setting is [] (High speed continuous). At the decisive moment, press the shutter button completely to take the picture. To track the subject and capture changes in facial expression and movement, keep holding down the shutter button to shoot continuously.

  • When [Flash] blinks

    Manually raise the built-in flash.


  • Continuous shooting speed is slower when a flash fires during continuous Live View shooting. The camera keeps shooting at the lower continuous shooting speed even after the flash stops firing.