Changing the Camera Nickname

You can change the nickname of this camera (displayed on connected devices) as desired.

  1. Select [Communication Functions: Nickname].

  2. Enter text using the virtual keyboard ().

    • When you finish entering characters, press the MENU button.
  3. Select [OK].

Virtual Keyboard Operations

  1. (1) Input area, for entering text
  2. (2) Cursor keys, for moving in the input area
  3. (3) Current no. of characters/no. available
  4. (4) Keyboard
  5. (5) Switch input modes
  1. (6) Space
  2. (7) Delete a character in the input area
  3. (8) Exit input
  • Use Multi-controller or the Quick control dial 1 or Quick control dial 2 dial to move within (2) and (4)–(7).
  • Press SET to confirm input or when switching input modes.

Configuring IPv6

To use IPv6, configure the settings manually.


  • If you are unsure what to enter, ask the network administrator or other person in charge of the network.
  1. Select [Communication Functions: Network settings].

  2. Select [Manual setting].

  3. Select [Comm settings].

  4. Select the communication settings that will use IPv6.

  5. Select [Change].

  6. Select [TCP/IPv6].

  7. Select an option to configure.

    • Use TCP/IPv6

      • Select [Enable] or [Disable] for IPv6.
    • Manual setting

      • To set the IP address manually, select [Enable]. [DNS server] is set to [Manual setting], and you can configure [DNS address], [Manual address], [Prefix length], and [Gateway].
    • DNS server

      • To set the DNS server IP address manually, select [Manual setting].
      • Select [Disable] if you will not use a DNS server.
      • If the setting is currently [Auto assign], setting [Manual setting] to [Enable] changes it to [Manual setting].
    • DNS address/Manual address/Gateway

      • Select an option and enter the IP address.

    • Prefix length

      • To set the prefix length, turn the Quick control dial 1 dial to select a value (1–128).