High Frame Rate

You can record movies at a high frame rate of 119.9 fps or 100.0 fps. This is ideal for recording movies that will be played back in slow motion. The maximum recording time per movie is 89 min. 29 sec.

  • Movies are recorded in Full HD119.9 fpsALL-I (I-only) or Full HD100.0 fpsALL-I (I-only) quality.
  • With [Shooting: Movie rec. size] set to [4K-DHI] or [4K-UHD], movies are recorded in 4K-DHI119.9 fpsALL-I (I-only) / 4K-UHD119.9 fpsALL-I (I-only) or in 4K-DHI100.0 fpsALL-I (I-only) / 4K-UHD100.0 fpsALL-I (I-only) quality.
  • Sound is not recorded in High Frame Rate movies.
  • Time code display during movie recording advances 4 sec. per second.
  • Because High Frame Rate movies are recorded as 29.97 fps/25.00 fps movie files, they are played in slow motion at 1/4 speed.


  • Precautions when set to [High Frame Rate: Enable]

  • Time codes are not recorded when [Count up] is set to [Free run] in [Shooting: Time code] ().
  • Check the [Shooting: Movie rec. size] setting if you return this setting to [Disable].
  • The screen may flicker if you record High Frame Rate movies under fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • For a moment when you start or stop recording High Frame Rate movies, the movie is not updated, and the frame stops momentarily. Be aware of this when recording movies to external devices via HDMI.
  • Movie frame rates shown on the screen as you record High Frame Rate movies do not correspond to the frame rate of the movie recorded.
  • Headphones cannot be used (no sound is audible).
  • ISO speed can be set within ISO 100–25600. Note that ISO expansion is not available.
  • The frame rate of HDMI video output is 59.94 fps or 50.00 fps.
  • The camera's internal temperature may rise and less recording time may be available after extended movie playback or image display.