Touch & Drag AF Settings

You can move the AF point or Zone AF frame by tapping or dragging on the screen as you look through the viewfinder.

Touch & Drag AF

  1. Select [Shooting: Touch & drag AF settings].

  2. Select [Touch & drag AF].

    • Select [Enable].

Tapping to Select Subjects for Detection

To switch the subject tracked to a different person when several faces are detected, you can tap the area set in [Active touch area].

Note that this setting is not available with [Touch & drag AF] set to [Enable].

  1. Select [Tap to select subject to detect].

  2. Select [On].


  • To switch to a person on the left, tap the left side of the area set in [Active touch area], and to switch to a person on the right, tap the right side.
  • With [Eye detection] set to [Enable], the camera switches to the eyes of a different subject.

Positioning Method

You can set how positions are specified by tapping or dragging.

  1. Set [Positioning method].

    • Absolute

      The AF point moves to the tapped or dragged position on the screen.

    • Relative

      The AF point moves in the direction you drag, by an amount corresponding to the amount you drag, no matter where you tap the screen.

Active Touch Area

You can specify the area of the screen used for tap and drag operations.

  1. Select [Active touch area].

  2. Set the area that will respond to touch.


  • A round orange frame [Round orange frame] is displayed when you tap the screen with [Autofocus: AF area] set to [Whole area AF]. After you lift your finger at the position to move the AF point to, [Tracking subject] is displayed and that subject is tracked. To cancel subject selection, tap [Subject tracking release].

Relative Sensitivity

By setting [Positioning method] to [Relative], you can specify the amount of movement in response to tapping or dragging.

  1. Select [Rel. sensitivity].

  2. Set the amount of movement.

    For faster AF point positioning, set toward the positive end, and for slower positioning, set toward the negative end.