Anti-Flicker Shooting

Uneven exposure and color may appear in continuous shooting at fast shutter speeds under flickering light sources such as fluorescent lights, due to uneven vertical exposure. Anti-flicker shooting enables you to take pictures when exposure and colors are less affected by flickering.

  1. Select [Shooting: Anti-flicker shoot.].

  2. Select [Enable].

  3. Take the picture.


  • When [Enable] is set and you shoot under a flickering light source, the shutter-release time lag may become longer. Also, the continuous shooting speed may become slower, and the shooting interval may become irregular.
  • Flicker at a frequency other than 100Hz or 120Hz cannot be detected. Also, if the flickering frequency of the light source changes during continuous shooting, effects of the flicker cannot be reduced.
  • In P or Av mode, color tone of captured images may vary if the shutter speed changes during continuous shooting or if you take multiple shots of the same scene at different shutter speeds. To avoid inconsistent color tone, shoot in M or Tv mode at a fixed shutter speed.
  • Color tone of captured images may vary between [Enable] and [Disable].
  • Shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed may change when you start shooting with AE lock.
  • If the subject is against a dark background or if there is a bright light in the image, flicker may not be properly detected.
  • Flicker reduction may not be possible under special lighting.
  • Depending on the light source, flicker may not be detected properly.
  • Depending on the light sources or shooting conditions, the expected result may not be obtained even if you use this function.


  • Taking test shots in advance is recommended.
  • Detect flicker manually if the screen flickers (as when the light source changes) by pressing the Quick Control/Set button, selecting [Anti-flicker shoot.], then pressing the INFO button.
  • Flicker is not reduced in Basic Zone modes.
  • Flicker reduction also works with flash photography. However, the expected result may not be obtained for wireless flash photography.