Metering Mode

Four methods (metering modes) to measure the subject's brightness are provided. Normally, evaluative metering is recommended. Evaluative metering is set automatically in Basic Zone modes (except in Creative filters: Fish-eye effect mode, which uses center-weighted average metering).

  1. Select [Shooting: Metering mode].

  2. Select an option.

  • Evaluative metering: Evaluative metering

    General-purpose metering mode suited even for backlit subjects. The camera adjusts the exposure automatically to suit the scene.

  • Partial metering: Partial metering

    Effective where there are much brighter lights around the subject due to backlight, etc. The partial metering area is indicated on the screen.

  • Spot metering: Spot metering

    Effective when metering a specific part of the subject. The spot metering area is indicated on the screen.

  • Center-weighted average metering: Center-weighted average

    The metering across the screen is averaged, with the center of the screen weighted more heavily.


  • With Evaluative metering (evaluative metering), holding down the shutter button halfway when shooting with [One-Shot AF] locks the exposure value (AE lock). With Spot metering (partial metering), Spot metering (spot metering), or Center-weighted average metering (center-weighted average metering), exposure is set at the moment the picture is taken (without locking the exposure value when the shutter button is pressed halfway).