HDR Backlight Control Mode

Use [HDR Backlight Control] (HDR Backlight Control) mode for backlit scenes with both bright and dark areas. Shooting once in this mode captures three consecutive images at different exposures, which are combined to create a single HDR image that retains detail in shadows that might otherwise be lost from backlighting.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Hold the camera steady.

    Keep your elbows close to your body to hold the camera steady (). In this mode, three shots are aligned and merged into a single image. However, if there is significant misalignment in any of the three shots due to camera shake, they may not align properly in the final image.


  • The image area is smaller than in other shooting modes.
  • RAW image quality cannot be set.
  • Flash photography is not available.
  • Note that the image may not be rendered with a smooth gradation and may look uneven or noisy.
  • HDR Backlight Control may not be effective for excessively backlit scenes or extremely high-contrast scenes.
  • When shooting subjects that are sufficiently bright as they are, for example for normally lit scenes, the image may look unnatural due to the HDR effect.
  • Shooting moving subjects may result in afterimages from the movement, or darkness around the subject.
  • Images may not be aligned correctly if they are patterned (with a lattice or stripes, for example), are generally flat and uniform, or are greatly out of alignment due to camera shake or other issues.
  • It takes some time to record images to the card since they are merged after shooting. [BUSY] appears on the screen as images are processed, and shooting is not possible until processing is finished.