Handheld Night Scene Mode

[Handheld Night Scene] (Handheld Night Scene) mode enables handheld shooting for night scenes. In this shooting mode, four shots are taken consecutively for each picture, and the resulting image with reduced camera shake is recorded.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Hold the camera steady.

    Keep your elbows close to your body to hold the camera steady (). In this mode, four shots are aligned and merged into a single image, but if there is significant misalignment in any of the four shots due to camera shake, they may not align properly in the final image.


  • The image area is smaller than in other shooting modes.
  • RAW image quality cannot be set.
  • Flash photography is not available.
  • Autofocusing at night or in dark scenes may be difficult when points of light lie within the AF point. In this case, set the focus mode to MF () and focus manually.
  • Shooting moving subjects may result in afterimages from the movement, or darkness around the subject.
  • Images may not be aligned correctly if they are patterned (with a lattice or stripes, for example), are generally flat and uniform, or are greatly out of alignment due to camera shake or other issues.
  • It takes some time to record images to the card since they are merged after shooting. [BUSY] appears on the screen as images are processed, and shooting is not possible until processing is finished.
  • Shots will look slightly different from the preview image shown on the screen.