A+: Assist Features

Selecting Scene Intelligent Auto Assist Features

  1. Select [Shooting: Scene Intelligent Auto Assist].

  2. Select an option.


  • From the shooting screen, you can access the selection screen directly by tapping [Creative Assist] ().

Creative Assist

You can shoot with your preferred effects applied.

  1. Press the Quick Control/Set button.

    • Read the message and select [OK].
  2. Select an effect.

    • Use the Dial dial to select an effect, then press the Quick Control/Set button.
  3. Select the effect level and other details.

    • Set with the Dial dial, then press the Quick Control/Set button.
    • To reset the setting, press the AE lock button, then select [OK].

Creative Assist effects

  • [Preset] Preset

    Select one of the preset effects.

    Note that [Saturation], [Color tone 1], and [Color tone 2] are not available with [B&W].

  • [Background blur] Background blur

    Adjust background blur. Choose higher values to make backgrounds sharper. To blur the background, choose lower values. [Auto] adjusts background blurring to match the brightness. Depending on lens brightness (f/number), some positions may not be available.

  • [Brightness] Brightness

    Adjust image brightness.

  • [Contrast] Contrast

    Adjust contrast.

  • [Saturation] Saturation

    Adjust the vividness of colors.

  • [Color tone 1] Color tone 1

    Adjust amber/blue color tone.

  • [Color tone 2] Color tone 2

    Adjust green/magenta color tone.

  • [Monochrome] Monochrome

    Set the toning effect for monochrome shooting.


  • [Background blur] is not available in flash photography.
  • These settings are reset when you switch shooting modes or set the power switch to Power off. To save the settings, set [Shooting: Retain Creative Assist data] to [Enable].

Saving effects

To save the current setting to the camera, tap [INFOPresetRegister] on the [Creative Assist] setting screen, then select [OK]. Up to three presets can be saved as [USER*]. After three have been saved, an existing [USER*] preset must be overwritten to save a new one.

Creative Bracketing

Multiple images are captured per shot besides the normal image, each with characteristics such as brightness and color tone automatically changed.

  1. Select [Shooting: Scene Intelligent Auto Assist].

  2. Select [Creative bracketing].


  • Index display makes it easier to review the captured images on the camera ().


  • Continuous shooting is not available.

Advanced Scene Intelligent Auto

Compositing and other advanced processing is applied to your shots based on scene detection by the camera.

  1. Select [Shooting: Scene Intelligent Auto Assist].

  2. Select [Advanced Scene Intelligent Auto].

  3. Check the icon.

    • Blinking scene icon (1): Multiple images are captured per shot and merged into a single image. In this case, only the composite image is saved.
    • Normal scene icon display: Shooting with Scene Intelligent Auto settings ().


  • Continuous shooting is not available.
  • The camera shoots in [Electronic] shutter mode.
  • The image area is smaller than in other shooting modes.
  • RAW image quality cannot be set.
  • Flash photography is not available.
  • Images that are greatly out of alignment due to camera shake or other issues may not be aligned correctly.
  • To prevent camera shake, the camera may set a high ISO speed.
  • Note that the image may not be rendered with a smooth gradation and may look uneven or noisy.
  • The image processing may not be sufficient in scenes with strong backlighting or high contrast.
  • Shooting moving subjects may result in afterimages from the movement, or darkness around the subject.
  • Images may not be aligned correctly if they are patterned (with a lattice or stripes, for example), are generally flat and uniform, or are greatly out of alignment due to camera shake or other issues.
  • Be careful about camera shake in handheld shots.
  • Shooting under fluorescent or LED lighting may cause issues such as irregular exposure or colors in the resulting images, due to the flickering light source.
  • [BUSY] appears on the screen as images are processed, and shooting is not possible until processing is finished.
  • Shots will look slightly different from the preview image shown on the screen.
  • AF point display information is not added to images in some scenes. ()