Importing Images to a Smartphone

You can import images captured with the camera to a smartphone by connecting the smartphone to the camera with Multi-Function Shoe Adapter for Smartphone Link AD-P1 (sold separately, for Android smartphones only) or a USB cable.


  1. Select an option in [Set-up: Choose USB connection app] ().

    • Select [Photo Import/Remote Control] when connecting an Android smartphone, or when connecting an iPhone and using the Photos app.
    • Select [Canon app(s) for iPhone] when connecting an iPhone and using Camera Connect.
    • After the settings are complete, turn the camera off.
  2. Connect the camera to the smartphone with AD-P1 or a USB cable.

    • When using AD-P1, refer to the instruction manual included with AD-P1.
    • Use of a Canon USB cable (Interface Cable IFC-100U or IFC-400U) is recommended when connecting Android smartphones.
    • For details on USB cables used to connect iPhones, visit the Canon website.

Using Camera Connect

  1. Install Camera Connect on the smartphone and start it.

    • For details on installing Camera Connect, see “Installing Camera Connect on a Smartphone” ().
  2. Turn the camera on.

  3. Tap [Images on camera].

    • Select images displayed to import them to the smartphone.

Using Smartphone Features

  1. Turn the camera on.

  2. Use the smartphone to import images.

    • Android smartphones: In the [Files] menu, select [Canon Digital Camera ***], then import images in the DCIM folder.
    • iPhones: Start the Photos app, then import images from the card.