Charging the Battery

  1. Detach the protective cover provided with the battery.

  2. Fully insert the battery into the charger.

    • Do the opposite to remove the battery.
  3. Charge the battery.


    • Flip out the charger prongs as shown and plug the charger into a power outlet.


    • Connect the power cord to the charger and insert the plug into a power outlet.
    • Charging starts automatically and the charge lamp (1) lights up in orange.
    • When the battery is fully charged, the full-charge lamp (2) will light up in green.
    • Charging a depleted battery takes approx. 2 hr. at room temperature (23°C/73°F).

      The time required to charge the battery will vary greatly depending on the ambient temperature and the battery's remaining capacity.

    • For safety, charging in low temperatures (5–10°C/41–50°F) takes longer (up to approx. 4 hr.).
  • Upon purchase, the battery is not fully charged.

    Charge the battery before use.

  • Charge the battery on the day before or on the day it is to be used.

    Charged batteries gradually lose their charge, even when they are not used.

  • After charging the battery, remove it and disconnect the charger from the power outlet.

  • When not using the camera, remove the battery.

    If the battery is left in the camera for a prolonged period, a small amount of power current will keep being released, resulting in excess discharge and shorter battery life. Store the battery with the protective cover attached. Storing the battery when it is fully charged may lower the battery performance.

  • The battery charger can also be used in foreign countries.

    The battery charger is compatible with a 100 V AC to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz power source. If necessary, attach a commercially available plug adapter for the respective country or region. Do not attach any portable voltage transformer to the battery charger. Doing so may damage the battery charger.

  • If the battery becomes exhausted quickly even after having been fully charged, the battery has reached the end of its service life.

    Check the battery's recharge performance () and purchase a new battery.


  • After disconnecting the charger's power plug, do not touch the prongs for approx. 5 sec.
  • The provided charger cannot charge any battery other than Battery Pack LP-E17.