Custom Shooting Mode (C1–C3)

You can register current camera settings such as shooting, menu, and Custom Function settings as Custom shooting modes assigned to Custom shooting mode 1 to Custom shooting mode 3 modes. You can register different functions to use when shooting still photos or movies.

  1. Select [Set-up: Custom shooting mode (C1-C3)].

  2. Select [Register settings].

  3. Register the desired items.

    • Select the Custom shooting mode to register, then select [OK] on the [Register settings] screen.
    • The current camera settings are registered to Custom shooting mode C*.
    • In still photo shooting, the registered shooting mode is indicated in the Custom shooting mode icon (as in [C1], [C2], [C3]).
    • Custom shooting mode icons change to [C1], [C2], and [C3] for movie recording.

Automatic Update of Registered Settings

If you change a setting while shooting in Custom shooting mode, the mode can be automatically updated with the new setting (Auto update). To enable this automatic update, set [Auto update set.] to [Enable] in step 2.

Canceling Registered Custom Shooting Modes

If you select [Clear settings] in step 2, the settings of each mode can be restored to default settings, as they were before registration.


  • You can also change shooting and menu settings in Custom shooting modes.