Multi-Function Lock

Specify camera controls to lock when the Multi-function lock is enabled. This can help prevent accidentally changing settings.

  1. Select [Set-up: Multi function lock].

  2. Select camera controls to lock.

    • Press SET to add a checkmark [Check].
    • Select [OK].

    • The camera returns to shooting standby, and controls are now locked or unlocked each time you press the Multi-function lock button.


  • If it is changed from the default setting, an asterisk “*” will be displayed on the right edge of [Set-up: Multi function lock].
  • Setting details are reset when [Clear all camera settings] in [Set-up: Clear settings] is performed.
  • You can also lock/unlock controls in shooting standby under the following conditions.
    • When displaying the electronic level
    • When the screen is off
    • When the screen is closed