Troubleshooting Guide

If a problem occurs with the camera, first refer to this Troubleshooting Guide. If this Troubleshooting Guide does not resolve the problem, contact your dealer or nearest Canon Service Center.

Power-related problems

Cannot charge the camera.

  • In case of charging issues, see Charging the Camera.
  • If charging does not begin, an internal error may have occurred. Force the camera off by holding down the MENU and Power buttons together for 8 sec. Wait a while before restarting the camera by pressing the Power button.

The camera is not activated even when turned on.

  • Charge the camera ().

The indicator lamp is still lit or blinking when the camera is off.

  • The indicator lamp will remain on or continue to blink for a few seconds if the camera is turned off while an image is being recorded to the card. When the image recording is complete, the power will turn off automatically.

Battery life does not last long.

  • Using the camera when it is fully charged is recommended ().
  • The following operations reduce battery life and the number of shots available.

    • Recording movies over an extended period
    • Using the wireless communication functions

The camera turns off by itself.

  • A power-saving feature is enabled ().

Shooting-related problems

No images can be shot or recorded.

  • Make sure the card is properly inserted ().
  • If the card is full, replace the card or delete unnecessary images to make space (, ).

The card cannot be used.

The image is out of focus or blurred.

  • Press the Start/Stop button gently to prevent camera shake ().

Subjects look distorted during recording.

  • If you move the camera from left to right (panning) or shoot a moving subject during recording, the image may look distorted.

A white [Overheating restriction] or red [Overheating restriction (red)] icon is displayed during movie recording.

  • Indicates that the camera's internal temperature is high. For details, see the information on warning indicator display in movie recording ().

During movie recording, the red Temperature warning red icon is displayed.

  • It indicates that the camera's internal temperature is high. Display of the red [Temperature warning red] icon indicates that movie recording will soon stop automatically.

Movie recording stops by itself.

  • If the card's writing speed is slow, movie recording may stop automatically. For details on cards that can record movies, see Cards That Can Record Movies. To find out the card's writing speed, refer to the card manufacturer's website, etc.
  • Format the card if the writing or reading speed seems slow ().
  • Movie recording stops automatically at 1 hr.

The image flickers or horizontal stripes appear during movie recording.

  • Flickering, horizontal stripes (noise), or irregular exposures can be caused by fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, or other light sources during movie recording. Also, changes in the exposure (brightness) or color tone may be recorded.

I cannot take still photos during movie recording.

  • Still photos cannot be taken during movie recording. Stop movie recording before shooting still photos.

Problems with wireless features

Cannot pair with a smartphone.

  • Use a smartphone compliant with Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2 or later.
  • Turn on Bluetooth from the smartphone settings screen.
  • Note that pairing with the camera is not possible from the smartphone's Bluetooth settings screen. Install the dedicated app Camera Connect (free of charge) on the smartphone ().
  • Pairing with a previously paired smartphone is not possible if pairing information registered for another camera remains on the smartphone. In this case, remove the camera's registration retained in the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone and try pairing again ().

Operations such as shooting and playback are not possible.

  • With a Wi-Fi connection established, operations such as shooting and playback may not be possible. Terminate the Wi-Fi connection, then perform the operation.

Cannot reconnect to a smartphone.

  • Reconnecting may not be possible, even with the same camera and smartphone, if you have changed the settings or selected other settings. In this case, delete the camera connection settings from the Wi-Fi settings on the smartphone and set up a connection again.
  • A connection may not be established if Camera Connect is running when you reconfigure connection settings. In this case, quit Camera Connect for a moment and then restart it.

Operation problems

Camera operation is erratic. The buttons are unresponsive.

  • An internal error may have occurred. Force the camera off by holding down the Menu and Power buttons together for 8 sec. Wait a while before restarting the camera by pressing the Power button.

Display problems

The shooting date and time displayed are incorrect.

  • Make sure the correct date and time are set ().
  • Check the time zone and daylight saving time ().

Playback problems

Still photos and movies cannot be played back.

  • The camera may not be able to play back images taken with another camera.
  • Movies edited with a computer cannot be played back with the camera.

Mechanical sounds or sounds of camera operations can be heard during movie playback.

  • If you perform camera operations during movie recording, the camera's built-in microphone may also record sounds of the camera operations.

The movie appears to freeze momentarily.

  • Significant changes in exposure during movie recording may cause recording to stop momentarily until the brightness stabilizes.