Turning on the Power

  • To turn the camera on, press the Power button. Press it again to turn the camera off.

Changing the interface language

A language selection screen is displayed on initial startup.

To change the interface language, see Language.

Setting the date, time, and time zone

If the date/time/zone setting screen appears when you turn the camera on, see Date/Time/Zone.

Changing the video system

The video system is set to NTSC.

Change it to PAL in areas where the TV video system is PAL.

To change the video system, see Video System.

Battery Level Indicator

The battery level indicator appears when the camera is turned on.

Battery level 3 Battery level is sufficient.
Battery level 2 Battery level is low, but the camera can still be used.
Battery level 1 Battery will be depleted soon (blinks).
Battery level 0 Charge the battery.


  • Doing the following will deplete the battery faster:
    • Using the Wi-Fi function or Bluetooth function.
  • Less recording time may be available depending on the actual shooting conditions.
  • In low ambient temperatures, shooting may not be possible even with a sufficient battery level.