General Still Photo Shooting Precautions


  • Do not point the camera toward an intense light source, such as the sun or an intense artificial light source. Doing so may damage the image sensor or the camera's internal components.
  • Image quality

  • Shooting in high temperatures may cause noise and irregular colors in the image.
  • Frequent shooting over an extended period may cause high internal temperatures and affect image quality. When you are not shooting, always turn off the camera.
  • White [Temperature warning white] internal temperature warning icon

  • A white [Temperature warning white] icon indicates high internal camera temperature. The white [Temperature warning white] icon indicates that the image quality of still photos will decline. Stop shooting for a while and allow the camera to cool down.
  • If the camera's internal temperature is high, the quality of images shot with a high ISO speed may decline even before the white [Temperature warning white] icon is displayed.
  • Images and display

  • Under low- or bright-light conditions, the displayed image may not reflect the brightness of the captured image.
  • Pointing the camera at different direction may momentarily prevent correct display of brightness. Wait until the brightness level stabilizes before shooting.
  • If there is a very bright light source in the image, the bright area may appear black on the screen. However, the actual captured image will correctly show the bright area.
  • Under low light, bright [Set-up: Screen brightness] settings may cause noise or irregular colors in images. However, the noise or irregular colors will not be recorded in the captured image.
  • When you magnify the image, the image sharpness may look more pronounced than in the actual image.


  • Field of view (coverage) is approx. 100%.
  • If the camera is idle over an extended period, the screen will turn off automatically after the time set in [Auto power off] or [Screen off] under [Set-up: Power saving]. If the screen turns off automatically after the time set in [Screen off], the camera will then turn off automatically after the time set in [Auto power off] ().
  • Using a commercially available HDMI cable, you can display images on a television (). Note that no sound will be output.