Card Formatting

Use this camera to format (initialize) the card in the following cases.

  • The card is new.
  • The card was formatted by a different camera or a computer.
  • The card is full of images or data.
  • A card-related error is displayed ().


  • Formatting a card will erase all data on it. Before formatting, check what is on the card. If necessary, transfer the images and data to a computer, etc. before formatting the card.
  1. Select [Set-up: Format card].

  2. Format the card.

    • Select [OK].

Card file formats

microSD cards will be formatted in FAT12/16, microSDHC cards in FAT32, and microSDXC in exFAT.


  • It may not be possible to use microSDXC cards formatted with this camera in other cameras. Also note that exFAT-formatted cards may not be recognized by some computer operating systems or card readers.
  • Formatting or erasing data on a card does not completely erase the data. Be aware of this when selling or discarding the card. When disposing of cards, take steps to protect personal information if necessary, as by physically destroying cards.


  • The card capacity displayed on the card format screen may be smaller than the capacity indicated on the card.
  • This device incorporates exFAT technology licensed from Microsoft.