GPS Settings

GPS via Mobile

You can geotag images with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone.

Complete these settings after installing the dedicated Camera Connect app () on the smartphone.

  1. On the smartphone, activate location services.

  2. Establish a Bluetooth connection.

    • Start Camera Connect and pair the camera and smartphone via Bluetooth.
  3. Select [Wireless settings: GPS settings].

  4. Select [GPS via mobile].

  5. Select [Enable].

  6. Take the picture.

    • Images are geotagged with the information from the smartphone.

GPS Information Display

You can check the location information added to your shots on the shooting information screen ().

  • (1) Latitude
  • (2) Longitude
  • (3) Elevation
  • (4) UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)


  • Location information is acquired from the smartphone only while the camera is paired with it via Bluetooth.
  • Direction information is not acquired.
  • Acquired location information may not be accurate, depending on traveling conditions or smartphone status.
  • It may take some time to acquire location information from the smartphone after you turn the camera on.
  • Location information is no longer acquired after any of the following operations.
    • Pairing with a wireless remote control via Bluetooth
    • Turning the camera off
    • Quitting Camera Connect
    • Deactivating location services on the smartphone
  • Location information is no longer acquired in any of the following situations.
    • The camera power turns off
    • The Bluetooth connection is ended
    • The smartphone's remaining battery level is low


  • Coordinated Universal Time, abbreviated as UTC, is essentially the same as Greenwich Mean Time.
  • For movies, the GPS information initially acquired is added.