Basic Operations

Start/Stop Button

Press the Start/Stop button in Movie mode to start recording. Press it again to stop recording.

Press the Start/Stop button in still photo mode to take one picture.

Down/INFO Down/Info Button

Each press of the Down/INFO Down/Info button changes the information shown.

The following sample screens are for movie recording.

Communication/Multi-access Comm/Multi-Access Button

Shows wireless communication features.

The Communication/Multi-access button can also be assigned to frequently used Movie mode functions. To view the setting screen for this button, press and hold the button on the movie recording screen.

  • Press the Quick Control/Set button to set it.
  • During playback, you can send images to a smartphone or tablet (collectively referred to as “smartphones”) connected to the camera via Wi-Fi by pressing the Communication/Multi-access button. Select images with the Left key Right key keys, then press the Quick Control/Set button.


  • Functions assigned to the Communication/Multi-access button may not be available in some recording modes. In this case, a message is displayed when you press the Communication/Multi-access button to indicate that it is not available.

Indicator Display

Indicator display varies depending on the camera status.

Color Indicator Status Camera Status
Green Turned on
  • Recording stills to the memory card, or reading stills from the card
Slow blinking
  • Display off
  • Recording movies to the memory card, or reading movies from the card
  • Transmitting via Wi-Fi
Orange Turned on
  • Charging via USB
  • USB charging error