Wi-Fi Connection via Access Points

This section describes how to join a Wi-Fi network via an access point compatible with WPS (PBC mode).

First, check the position of the WPS button and how long to press it. It may take approx. 1 min. to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Set Wi-Fi settings to [Enable].

  2. Select [Wireless features: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection].

  3. Select an option.

    • If the history () is displayed, switch screens with the Quick control dial 1 Quick control dial 2 dial or Multi-controller.
  4. Select [Add a device to connect to].

    • The following message is displayed if you have selected [Smartphone Connect to smartphone]. If Camera Connect is already installed, select [Do not display].
    • On the [Connect to smartphone] screen displayed next, select [Connect via Wi-Fi].
  5. Select [Switch network].

    • Displayed when [Smartphone] or [Computer] is selected.
  6. Select [Connect with WPS].


  7. Select [WPS (PBC mode)].

    • Select [OK].
  8. Connect to the access point via Wi-Fi.

    • Press the access point's WPS button.
    • Select [OK].
  9. Select [Auto setting].

    • Select [OK] to access the setting screen for the Wi-Fi function.
    • If an error occurs with [Auto setting], see Manual IP Address Setup.
  10. Specify the settings for the Wi-Fi function.

    [Smartphone Connect to smartphone]

    • On the smartphone's Wi-Fi setting screen, tap the SSID (network name) shown on the camera screen, then enter the password of the access point for the connection.

    Go to step 8 in Wi-Fi Connection without Using Bluetooth.

    [Computer Remote control (EOS Utility)]

    Go to step 7 or 8 in Operating the Camera Using EOS Utility.

    [Transfer images to FTP serverTransfer images to FTP server]

    Go to step 10 in Connection via Access Points.

    [Web serviceUpload to Web service]

    Go to step 5 in Registering image.canon and Setting Up Auto Send.

Camera Access Point Mode

Camera access point mode is a connection mode for connecting the camera directly to each device via Wi-Fi. Displayed when [Smartphone], [Computer], or [FTP setting] is selected after [Wireless features: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection].

  • Easy connection

    Use the other device to establish a Wi-Fi connection with the SSID shown on the camera screen.

  • Manual connection

    Enter the SSID of the other device to establish a connection. Follow the instructions on the camera screen to complete the connection settings.

Manual IP Address Setup

The options displayed vary depending on the Wi-Fi function.

  1. Select [Manual setting].

    • Select [OK].
  2. Select an option.

    • Select an option to access the screen for numerical input.
    • To use a gateway, select [Enable], then select [Address].
  3. Enter the number.

    • Turn the Main dial dial to move the input position in the upper area, and use the Quick control dial 1 Quick control dial 2 dials or Multi-controller to select numbers to enter. Press SET to enter the selected number.
    • To set the entered numbers and return to the screen for step 2, press the MENU button.
  4. Select [OK].

    • When you have completed setting the necessary items, select [OK].
    • If you are not sure what to enter, see Checking Network Settings, or ask the network administrator or another person knowledgeable about the network.