Erasing Images

You can either select and erase unnecessary images individually or erase them in one batch. Protected images () will not be erased.


  • Once an image is erased, it cannot be recovered. Make sure you no longer need the image before erasing it. To prevent important images from being erased accidentally, protect them.

Erasing Images Individually

  1. Press the Playback button.

  2. Select the image to be erased.

    • Turn the Quick control dial 1 dial to select the image to erase.
  3. Press the Erase button.

  4. Erase the images.

    JPEG/HEIF/RAW images or movies

    • Select [Erase].

    RAW+JPEG/RAW+HEIF images

    • Select an option.


  • You can erase individual images during playback by pressing the RATE button when [Playback: RATE/Voice memo button function] is assigned to [Erase images] ().

Selecting ([Check]) Multiple Images to Erase Together

By adding checkmarks to the images to be erased, you can erase all those images at once.

  1. Select [Playback: Erase images].

  2. Select [Select and erase images].

  3. Select an image.

    • Turn the Quick control dial 1 dial to select an image to erase, then press SET.
    • To select another image to be erased, repeat step 3.
  4. Erase the images.

    • Press the Q (Quick Control) button, then press [OK].

Specifying the Range of Images to Erase

While looking at the images in the index display, you can specify the first and last images for a range to erase all the specified images at once.

  1. Select [Select range].

    • Select [Select range] in [Playback: Erase images].
  2. Specify the range of images.

    • Select the first image (start point).
    • Next, select the last image (end point). A checkmark [Check] will be appended to all the images within the range between first and last images.
    • To select another image to be erased, repeat step 2.
  3. Press the Q (Quick Control) button.

  4. Erase the images.

    • Select [OK].

Erasing All Images in a Folder or on a Card

You can erase all the images in a folder or on a card at once.

  • When you select [All images in folder] or [All images on card] in [Playback: Erase images], all the images in the folder or on the card will be erased.
  • If the search conditions are set with [Playback: Set image search conditions] (), the display will change to [All found images].
  • If you select [All found images], all the images filtered by the search conditions will be erased.


  • To erase all the images including protected images, format the card ().