Still Photo Cropping/Aspect Ratio

Normally with RF or EF lenses, images are captured at the sensor size of approx. 36.0×24.0mm in full-frame shooting, but in cropped shooting, you can isolate and magnify the center of the image approx. 1.6 (APS-C size) as if using a telephoto lens, or you can set an aspect ratio as needed before shooting. EF-S lenses capture a 3:2 area in the center, magnified approx. 1.6× (APS-C size).

  1. Select [Shooting: ShootingCropping/aspect ratio].

  2. Select an option.

    • Select [Full-frame], [1.6x (crop)], [1:1 (aspect ratio)], [4:3 (aspect ratio)], or [16:9 (aspect ratio)].
    • With EF-S lenses, [1.6x (crop)] is set automatically, and no other option is available.
    • To proceed without changing shooting area display, press SET and go to step 4.
  3. Select how the shooting area is displayed.

    • On the screen in step 2, press the INFO button.
    • Select the type of display, then press SET.


    • FineMedium/NormalMedium/FineSmall 1/NormalSmall 1 image quality options are not available when [1.6x (crop)] is set, or with EF-S lenses.
    • Shooting with [1.6x (crop)] and image quality set to FineMedium/NormalMedium/FineSmall 1/NormalSmall 1 produces FineLarge/NormalLarge/Small 2/Small 2 images, respectively.
    • Shooting with an EF-S lens when [1:1 (aspect ratio)], [4:3 (aspect ratio)], or [16:9 (aspect ratio)] is set automatically clears the setting and shoots with [1.6x (crop)] at a 3:2 aspect ratio.
  4. Take the picture.

    Setting examples

    When Full-frame is set

    When Crop area (1.6x) is set or an EF-S lens is used

    When 1:1/Outlined is set

    When 4:3/Masked is set

    • When [1.6x (crop)] is set or an EF-S lens is used, an image magnified approx. 1.6× is displayed.
    • When [1:1 (aspect ratio)], [4:3 (aspect ratio)], or [16:9 (aspect ratio)] is set, the image within the black masked or outlined area is captured.


  • Areas outside the cropped area are not recorded in RAW shooting when [1.6x (crop)] is set, or with EF-S lenses.
  • [Shooting area] has no effect on display when [1.6x (crop)] is set, or with EF-S lenses.
  • [Custom Functions: Add cropping information] is only available when [Full-frame] is set.
  • When external flash units are used, flash auto zoom (automatic adjustment of flash coverage) based on the [Shooting: ShootingCropping/aspect ratio] setting is not performed.


  • For details on pixel counts when cropping or an aspect ratio is set, see Still photo pixel count.
  • Nearly 100% field of view coverage is maintained vertically and horizontally when cropping or an aspect ratio is set.
  • Aspect ratio information is added to RAW images when an aspect ratio is set, which are captured at full size. When the RAW images are played back, the image area used for shooting is indicated by lines. Note that only the shooting image area is shown in Slide Show.