Shooting with the Touch Shutter

Just by tapping the screen, you can focus and take the picture automatically.

  1. Enable the Touch Shutter.

    • Tap [Touch Shutter: Disable] on the screen.
    • Each time you tap the icon, it will toggle between [Touch Shutter: Disable] and [Touch Shutter: Enable].
    • [Touch Shutter: Enable] (Touch Shutter: Enable)

      The camera will focus on the spot you tap, then the picture will be taken.

    • [Touch Shutter: Disable] (Touch Shutter: Disable)

      You can tap a spot to perform focusing on the spot. Press the shutter button completely to take the picture.

  2. Tap the screen to shoot.

    • Tap the face or subject on the screen.
    • On the point you tap, the camera focuses (Touch AF) using your specified AF Area.
    • When [Touch Shutter: Enable] is set, the AF point turns green when focus is achieved, then the picture is taken automatically.
    • If focus is not achieved, the AF point turns orange and the picture cannot be taken. Tap the face or subject on the screen again.


  • The camera shoots in single shooting mode regardless of the drive mode setting ([High-speed continuous shooting plus], [High-speed continuous shooting], or [Low-speed continuous shooting]).
  • Tapping the screen focuses with [One-Shot AF], even if [Autofocus: AF operation] is set to [Servo AF].
  • Tapping the screen in magnified view will not focus or take the picture.
  • When shooting by tapping with [Review duration] in [Shooting: Image review] set to [Hold], you can take the next shot by pressing the shutter button halfway or tapping [Return].


  • To shoot with bulb exposure, tap the screen twice. Tap once to start exposure and again to stop it. Be careful not to shake the camera when tapping the screen.