Sports Mode

Use [Sports] (Sports) mode to shoot subjects in motion, such as runners or moving vehicles.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Use a telephoto lens.

    Use of a telephoto lens is recommended to enable shooting from a distance.

  • Track the subject with the Area AF frame.

    An Area AF frame appears after you press the shutter button halfway. Once the subject is in focus, the AF point turns blue.

  • Shoot continuously.

    The default setting is [High-speed continuous shooting] (High speed continuous). At the decisive moment, press the shutter button completely to take the picture. To track the subject and capture changes as it moves, keep holding down the shutter button to shoot continuously.


  • Under low light where camera shake tends to occur, the shutter speed value in the lower left will blink. Hold the camera steady and shoot.
  • Flash photography is not available.