Attaching and Detaching RF/RF-S Lenses


  • Do not look at the sun directly through any lens. Doing so may cause loss of vision.
  • When attaching or detaching a lens, set the camera's power switch to Power off.
  • If the front part (focusing ring) of the lens rotates during autofocusing, do not touch the rotating part.

Tips for avoiding smudges and dust

  • When changing lenses, do it quickly in a place with minimal dust.
  • When storing the camera without a lens attached, be sure to attach the body cap to the camera.
  • Remove smudges and dust on the body cap before attaching it.


  • With RF-S lenses, an approx. 1.6× crop factor is applied to the center of the regular image area.

Attaching a Lens

  1. Remove the caps.

    • Remove the rear lens cap (1) and body cap (2) by turning them as shown by the arrows.
  2. Attach the lens.

    • Align the red mount index on the lens with the red mount index on the camera and turn the lens as shown by the arrow until it clicks in place.
  3. Set the focus mode to AF.

    • AF stands for autofocus.
    • MF stands for manual focus. Autofocus is disabled.
    • For RF lenses with a focus mode switch

      Set the lens's focus mode switch to AF.

    • For RF lenses without a focus mode switch

      Set [Autofocus: Focus mode] to [AF].

  4. Remove the front lens cap.

Detaching a Lens

  • While pressing the lens release button, turn the lens as shown by the arrow.

    • Turn the lens until it stops, then detach it.
    • Attach the rear lens cap to the lens you removed.