A+: Fully Automatic Techniques (Scene Intelligent Auto)

Recomposing the Shot

Depending on the scene, positioning the subject toward the left or right to include a balanced background will result in a picture with better perspective.

Pressing the shutter button halfway to focus on a still subject will lock the focus on that subject. Recompose the shot while keeping the shutter button pressed halfway, and then press the shutter button completely to take the picture. This is called “focus lock.”

Shooting Moving Subjects

After you press the shutter button halfway and a blue AF point appears, the camera detects subject movement and focuses using Servo AF. Keep the subject on the screen as you hold down the shutter button halfway, and at the decisive moment, press the shutter button completely.

Scene Icons

The camera detects the scene type and sets everything automatically to suit the scene. The detected scene type is indicated in the upper left of the screen. For icon details, see Scene Icons.