Movie Recording

  1. Focus on the subject.

    Tracking a subject to focus on it

    • Set [Shooting: Autofocus method] to [Face tracking AF].
    • An AF point is displayed over a person's face or other subject, which the camera keeps in focus.
    • To focus on a different subject, tap it. The AF point changes to [Double frame]. To exit subject selection, press the MENU button. Press the Quick Control/Set button again to return to the shooting screen.
    • When [] [] is displayed around an AF point, you can use the Left key Right key keys to change the subject to focus on.

    Focusing on subjects in a specific position

    • Set [Shooting: Autofocus method] to [Specified frame AF].
    • Tap a position to focus on, then move the AF point on the AF point screen.
    • Align the AF point with the subject.
    • Pressing the MENU button returns the AF point to the center.
    • Tapping [SET] returns to the shooting screen. To center the AF point, tap [].


    • You can tap [Focusing locked] to activate autofocus during standby, after which focusing is locked. The icon changes to [Focusing unlocked]. To unlock focusing, tap it again.
    • If [Focusing locked] is not displayed, press the Down key key.
    • A green frame appears once the subject is in focus. A yellow frame is displayed with [!] when the camera cannot focus on subjects.


    • If you perform camera operations during movie recording, the camera's built-in microphone may also record sounds of the camera operations.
  2. Record the movie.

    • To start movie recording, tap [Record] or press the Start/Stop button.
    • [Focus indicatorREC] is displayed in the upper left while movie recording is in progress, and a blinking red frame is displayed around the screen.
    • Sound is recorded by the microphone (1).
    • To stop movie recording, tap [] or press the Start/Stop button.
    • To review the recorded movie, press the Playback button ().


  • Audio is recorded in stereo.
  • The microphone picks up sound in front of and behind the camera, on the left and right, and above it.