Editing/Deleting Devices for Connections

Before editing or deleting connection settings for other devices, end the Wi-Fi connection. Here, [Communication functions: Connect to smartphone(tablet)] is used as an example.

Changing Device Nicknames

You can change the nickname of devices the camera connects to.

  1. Select an item.

    • After the [Wi-Fi on] screen appears, select [Disconnect], then repeat step 1.
  2. Select [Edit/delete device].

  3. Select the device.

  4. Select [Change device nickname].

  5. Change the nickname.

    • Use the virtual keyboard () to enter the nickname.
  6. Press the MENU button, then select [OK].

Deleting Connection Information

  1. Access the screen for the connected device.

  2. Select [Delete connection information].

  3. Select [OK].