Uploading Images to image.canon

Link the camera to image.canon to send images directly from the camera.

  • A smartphone with a browser and internet connection is required.
  • You will need to enter an email address used on the smartphone.
  • For instructions on how to use image.canon services and details on countries and regions where it is available, visit the image.canon site (https://image.canon/).
  • Separate ISP connection and access point fees may apply.
  1. Select [Communication functions: Upload to image.canon].

  2. Select [OK].

    • This screen is not displayed if the Wi-Fi setting is already set to [Enable].
  3. Select [Connect].

    • If the dedicated app has not been installed, select [Install].
  4. Select [OK].

  5. Scan the QR code with the dedicated app.

    • Select [OK].
  6. Establish a Wi-Fi connection.

    • Connect to an access point via Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions for the connection method used.

      • Connecting via WPS (, )
      • Connecting manually to detected networks ()
      • Connecting manually by specifying access point information ()
  7. Confirm that the number is displayed in the dedicated app.

    • Select [OK].
  8. Set up automatic image transfer.

    • Complete the [Auto send] setting item as needed.
    • [When charging battery (high power)]: Auto send starts when the camera is off and connected to a power source to charge it over USB. Note that auto send will start after the camera has been charged for a while if the remaining capacity is initially low.
    • [When camera is turned on]: Auto send starts when the camera is turned on.
    • Select [OK], then press the Quick Control/Set button.
  9. Complete the settings.

    • Press the Quick Control/Set button.


    • The [Web service] icon changes to [Connected to Web service].

    • The camera model name is registered at image.canon.

[Upload to image.canon] screen

  • Auto send

    Change the auto send settings.

  • Type to send

    Select the type of images uploaded.

  • Switch network

    Change the settings for Wi-Fi connections.

  • Clear camera web link settings

    Clear the camera web link settings.