Shooting Mode

You can change the recording mode to suit the scene.

  1. Select [Shooting: Shooting mode].

  2. Select a shooting mode.

    • Press the Left key Right key keys to select the recording mode, then press the Quick Control/Set button.
    • To switch to Photo mode, press the Communication/Multi-access button.

Auto Movie

Select [Movie].

Exposure is controlled automatically to suit the brightness.

Screen brightness can be adjusted by selecting [Brightness].

Smooth Skin Movie

Select [Smooth Skin Movie].

Image processing makes skin look smoother.

The level of this effect can be set in [Smooth skin effect] on the Quick Control screen.

Screen brightness can be adjusted by selecting [Brightness].

Tips Shooting tips

  • Enable the camera to detect faces.

    Frames are displayed around any main subjects detected for skin smoothing. For more effective skin smoothing, you can move closer to or farther from the subject so that the frame is displayed on the subject's face.

  • Focus on the face.

    Before shooting, make sure [] appears on the subject's face when you are focusing.


  • Areas other than people's skin may be modified, depending on the shooting conditions.
  • If the smooth skin effect is too strong, images may not look as expected. Take some test shots in advance and check the results.
  • 4K movie recording precautions

  • Image quality on the standby screen may differ from image quality on the screen during movie recording.
  • Briefly when you start recording movies, image display may remain on the current frame instead of being updated.


  • The [Smooth skin effect] setting is retained even if you change shooting modes or turn the camera off.

Movie IS Mode

Select [Movie IS Mode].

Enables movie recording with reduced camera shake.

You can select [Movie Digital IS] or [Movie Auto level] on the Quick Control screen (, ).

Screen brightness can be adjusted by selecting [Brightness].


  • [Shooting: Movie Digital IS] is set to [Off] when you have specified digital zoom.

Manual Exposure Movie

Select [Movie manual exposure].

Enables you to set the shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed.

With ISO speed set to [AUTO], you can set exposure compensation.

  1. Select [Value setting].

  2. Select an item.

    • Set by pressing the Left key Right key keys.
    • Check the exposure level mark (2) to see how far the current exposure level is from the standard exposure level (1).

Auto Photo

Select [Shooting].

The camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically.

Screen brightness can be adjusted by selecting [Brightness].

An icon representing the type of scene detected appears in the upper right of the screen during shooting.



People Subjects Other Than People Background Color
In Motion Nature/Outdoor Scene In Motion Close
Bright Portrait (bright) Portrait with motion (bright) Nature/outdoor scene (bright) Non-portrait with motion (bright) Close non-portrait (bright) Gray
Backlit Portrait (bright/backlit) Portrait with motion (bright/backlit) Nature/outdoor scene (bright/backlit) Non-portrait with motion (bright/backlit) Close non-portrait (bright/backlit)
Blue Sky Included Portrait (blue sky included) Portrait with motion (blue sky included) Nature/outdoor scene (blue sky included) Non-portrait with motion (blue sky included) Close non-portrait (blue sky included) Light blue
Backlit Portrait (blue sky included/backlit) Portrait with motion (blue sky included/backlit) Nature/outdoor scene (blue sky included/backlit) Non-portrait with motion (blue sky included/backlit) Close non-portrait (blue sky included/backlit)
Sunset *1 Non-portrait (sunset) *1 Orange
Spotlight Portrait (spotlight) Non-portrait (spotlight) Close non-portrait (spotlight) Dark blue
Dark Portrait (dark) Non-portrait (dark) Close non-portrait (dark)
Night Scenes Portrait (dark/tripod used) Nature/outdoor scene (dark/tripod used) *1
  • 1: Icons of scenes selected from those that can be detected are displayed.


  • For certain scenes or shooting conditions, the icon displayed may not match the actual scene.