Folder Settings

You can freely create and select the folder where the captured images are to be saved.

Creating a Folder

  1. Select [Set-up: Select folder].

  2. Select [Create folder].

  3. Select [OK].

Selecting a Folder

  • (1) Folder name
  • (2) Number of images in folder
  • (3) Lowest file number
  • (4) Highest file number
  • Select a folder on the folder selection screen.
  • Captured images are stored in your selected folder.


  • Folders

  • A folder can contain up to 9999 images (file number 0001–9999). When a folder becomes full, a new folder with the folder number increased by one is created automatically. Also, if manual reset () is executed, a new folder will be created automatically. Folders numbered from 100 to 999 can be created.
  • Creating folders with a computer

  • With the card open on the screen, create a new folder with “DCIM” as the name. Open the DCIM folder and create as many folders as necessary to save and organize your images. “100ABC_D” is the required format for folder names, and the first three digits must be a folder number in the range 100–999. The last five characters can be any combination of upper- and lower-case letters from A to Z, numerals, and the underscore “_”. The space cannot be used. Also note that two folder names cannot share the same three-digit folder number (for example, “100ABC_D” and “100W_XYZ”) even if the remaining five characters in each name are different.