Night Portrait Mode

Use [] (Night Portrait) mode for bright, beautiful shots of people with night scenes in the background. Note that shooting in this mode requires the built-in flash or a Speedlite. Using a tripod is recommended.

Tips Shooting tips

  • Use a wide-angle lens and a tripod.

    When using a zoom lens, use the wide-angle end to obtain a wide night view. Because camera shake occurs in handheld shooting, using a tripod is also recommended.

  • Check the image brightness.

    It is recommended to play back the captured image on location to check the image brightness. If the subject looks dark, move nearer and shoot again.

  • Also shoot in other shooting modes.

    Consider also shooting in Scene Intelligent Auto and [] mode, because shots are more likely to be blurry.


  • Tell subjects to remain still for a moment after the flash fires.
  • Focusing may be difficult if subject faces look dark when you shoot. In this case, set the focus mode to MF () and focus manually.
  • Autofocusing at night or in dark scenes may be difficult when points of light lie within the AF point. In this case, set the focus mode to MF () and focus manually.
  • Shots will look slightly different from the preview image shown on the screen.
  • When there is a risk of overexposure in flash photography, shutter speed or ISO speed is automatically adjusted to reduce loss of detail in highlights and shoot at standard exposure. In flash shots with certain lenses, the shutter speeds and ISO speeds displayed when you press the shutter button halfway may not match the actual settings used. This may alter the brightness of backgrounds that are out of flash range.


  • The self-timer lamp fires briefly after shots in this mode if the self-timer is used.