Exposure Lock (AE Lock)

You can lock the exposure when you want to set the focus and exposure separately or when you will take multiple shots at the same exposure setting. Press the AE lock button to lock the exposure, then recompose and take the picture. It is effective for shooting backlit subjects, etc.

  1. Focus on the subject.

    • Press the shutter button halfway.
  2. Press the AE lock button.

    • [AE Lock] is displayed on the screen to indicate that exposure is locked (AE lock). To cancel AE lock, press the AE Lock button again.
  3. Recompose and take the picture.

    • Press the shutter button.


  • If [Shooting: Auto Lighting Optimizer] () is set to any setting other than [Disable], the image may still look bright even if decreased exposure compensation is set to darken images.

AE Lock Effects

Metering Mode () AF Point Selection ()
Automatic Selection Manual Selection
Evaluative metering Exposure centered on the AF point in focus is locked. Exposure centered on the selected AF point is locked.
Partial metering Spot metering Center-weighted average metering AE lock is applied at the center AF point.

Center-weighted exposure is locked when [Evaluative metering] is set with the camera configured for manual focusing ().


  • AE lock is not possible with bulb exposures.