Picture Style Selection

Just by selecting a preset Picture Style, you can obtain image characteristics effectively matching your photographic expression or the subject.

  1. Select [Shooting: Picture Style].

  2. Select a Picture Style.

Picture Style Characteristics

  • [] Auto

    The color tone will be adjusted automatically to suit the scene. The colors will look vivid for blue skies, greenery and sunsets, particularly in nature, outdoor, and sunset scenes.


    • If the desired color tone is not obtained with [Auto], use another Picture Style.
  • [] Standard

    The image looks vivid, sharp, and crisp. Suitable for most scenes.

  • [] Portrait

    For smooth skin tones, with slightly less sharpness. Suited for close-up portraits.

    Skin tone can be adjusted by changing [Color toneColor tone] as described in Settings and Effects.

  • [] Landscape

    For vivid blues and greens, and very sharp and crisp images. Effective for impressive landscapes.

  • [] Fine Detail

    For detailed rendering of fine subject contours and subtle textures. The colors will be slightly vivid.

  • [] Neutral

    For retouching later on a computer. Makes images subdued, with lower contrast and natural color tones.

  • [] Faithful

    For retouching later on a computer. Faithfully reproduces the actual colors of subjects as measured in daylight with a color temperature of 5200K. Makes images subdued, with lower contrast.

  • [] Monochrome

    Creates black-and-white images.


    • Color images cannot be recovered from JPEG images shot with the [Monochrome] Picture Style.
  • [] User Def. 1–3

    You can add a new style based on presets such as [Portrait] or [Landscape] or a Picture Style file, then adjust it as needed (). Shots taken with a style you have not customized yet will have the same characteristics as the default [Auto] setting.


Icons on the Picture Style selection screen represent [StrengthStrength], [FinenessFineness], and [ThresholdThreshold] for [SharpnessSharpness] as well as [ContrastContrast] and other parameters. The numbers indicate the values for these settings specified for the respective Picture Style.

Color toneColor tone
Filter effect (Monochrome)Filter effect (Monochrome)
Toning effect (Monochrome)Toning effect (Monochrome)


  • For movie recording, * is indicated for both [FinenessFineness] and [ThresholdThreshold] parameters of [SharpnessSharpness]. [FinenessFineness] and [ThresholdThreshold] are not applied to movies.