Auto Lighting Optimizer

Brightness and contrast can be corrected automatically if shots look dark or contrast is too low or high.

  1. Select [Shooting: Auto Lighting Optimizer].

  2. Set a correction option.


  • Noise may increase and apparent resolution may change, under some shooting conditions.
  • If the effect of Auto Lighting Optimizer is too strong and results are not at your preferred brightness, set to [Low] or [Disable].
  • If a setting other than [Disable] is set and you use exposure compensation or flash exposure compensation to darken the exposure, the image may still come out bright. If you want a darker exposure, set this function to [Disable].
  • Maximum burst is lower with [High]. Image recording to the card also takes longer.


  • To enable [Shooting: Auto Lighting Optimizer] to be set even in M mode, press the INFO button in step 2 to clear the checkmark [Check] for [Disable during man expo].